From the Principal

I welcome all of you to the College for 2018, especially our new parents and students to CBC Fremantle. I trust it has been a great start to what I hope will be a wonderful journey!

For those who have some experience with the College, you will recall the deep professional and personal relationship I shared with the outgoing Principal Shaun Kenny. For you, the parents, much of it involved good-humoured banter at the expense of each other at one College function or another. Privately, most of it revolved around this school and this community and the love we share of it. In his final handover Shaun said something that has only made sense in the first few weeks of 2018. Shaun stopped me under the big plane tree in the Cloisters one evening as we were departing after a College function, squared me up and looked into my eyes and said, "Dom, what you have been given is a gift. To lead this community has been such an honour for me, and now it's yours."

CBC Fremantle is a school whose tradition goes back to 1882. It has educated boys in and around Fremantle for more than 130 years. Its original structures were already here when the scaffold for the Town Hall can be seen in old photos. Throughout its history, this College has been known to produce Rhodes Scholars, famous politicians, sportsmen, pillars of society, doctors, surgeons, lawyers, businessmen and army officers. It has produced salt of the earth workers; cray fishermen, market gardeners, builders, panel beaters, tradesmen of every description and even the father of the cappuccino strip.

CBC has also felt some dark days when its future was uncertain. Stories are told that after each term in the late 1990s, staff didn't know whether they were coming back to a school or not. The community back then, some of whom are still with us, never gave up, redoubled their efforts instead of buckling under the pressure and hung tough until the new shoots of green appeared again. Through thick and thin this sense of community has been this school's strength.

In this first newsletter for the year, I want to emphasise the point that Shaun's comment of CBC being a gift is not just about being the Principal. This school, and especially its community, are a gift to each other. My colleagues strive each day to value each other and your sons. The staff, teaching and non-teaching, deeply appreciate your support and cooperation. Your beautiful sons, although not every one of them a brilliant student, will in their own way brighten someone's day. The way you, the parents interact with each other is uplifting. In a world where gloom and doom seems everywhere, CBC Fremantle is a place of joy for me, and I hope for you.

In 2018 we have welcomed 145 new boys and 11 new members of staff. Their transition has seemed smooth, and all the College events so far this year have been received positively. When we gather on Monday night at our Opening Mass, I hope you appreciate a sense of how special this community is. Father Sherman referred to it in his homily last year. Look around at the goodness, the love and respect for others, the esprit de corps that exists among us, and hopefully you will feel the warm inner glow I feel every day when I arrive at the College. It really is a gift to all of us.

Dom Burgio
Principal CBC Fremantle