Invitation to an Italian adventure

Last year CBC Fremantle hosted three Italian students, providing an amazing experience for the young men and their host families.

In addition, two CBC students travelled to Italy last December and January and came back so enthusiastic that both of them said that this experience changed their lives!

This year we are once again seeking assistance from CBC families to host a student from Italy. The programme consists of two phases:

Phase 1 involves hosting a male student from Italy (16-17 years old) for eight weeks between the end of June and mid-August.

Phase 2 is optional and is an invitation for a CBC student from Years 10 to 11) to stay with a host family in Italy for eight to nine weeks between December and January.

If you can host a student and are able to help the College to continue this excellent international programme, contact Mrs Silvia Romagnoli as soon as possible because the application deadline is approaching very fast. It will prove to be a great opportunity for your family to experience the company of a boy from another country; they normally speak English quite well and are keen to experience the Australian lifestyle.

Mrs Silvia Romagnoli
Italian Teacher
Mobile 0431115879