Touchstones at your fingertips

Ash Wednesday Liturgy

CBC Fremantle is a Catholic School in the tradition of Edmund Rice, and is part of Edmund Rice Education Australia. EREA schools embrace the four guiding Touchstones of the EREA charter, and strive to offer a liberating education, based on gospel spirituality, within an inclusive community committed to justice and solidarity. Recently, EREA launched a third edition of the Charter, continuing to use the Touchstones to provide ideals to authentically link with the Charism of Blessed Edmund Rice.

The Touchstones assist Edmund Rice schools to define our goals as we continue to seek to make the Gospel a living reality in our communities. The Touchstones provide a bedrock for the education and pastoral care practices that CBC continually reflects and builds upon, more than 215 years since Edmund Rice commenced his vision of educating boys in need in Ireland, providing them with opportunities beyond their dreams.

You can read more about the EREA Charter here:

There's even an app for that!

An EREA Touchstones app has been launched for smartphones to enable all members of the EREA community to access the Charter, offering weekly reflections on the Touchstones and other pertinent links.

The free app encourages all members of our community to develop an understanding of the Touchstones that make up the fabric of our school: Liberating Education, Gospel Spirituality, Inclusive Community and Justice & Solidarity.

Ms Marriann O'Neill
Deputy Principal - Identity and Mission