Wellbeing Newsletter - Week 1, Term 2

"This is where a quote could go" - Someone Important

Mike's message

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Video section

Here's a message under the video.


  • Take a moment to write down and think about:
    1. three good things that happened this week
    2. three things you want to improve about next week, and
    3. three people who made this week better.


  • Getting enough rest is an important part of staying mentally healthy. Why not keep a sleep log and see just how well you've been doing?


  • Which emoji best represents your week? Why? 
😡 😥 😐 😃



Interesting reads

  • Australia's eSafety Commissioner has put together some fantastic resources to help stay safe online during COVID-19.
  • Here are six questions you can ask yourself while in quarantine to help stay mentally healthy.
  • Greater Good Magazine took a look at why one of the best ways you can help those around you is to take care of your own well-being.
  • MIT Technology Review explains why social media plays a crucial role in how we handle the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Here are four ways you can think like a futurist to stretch your imagine and come out of this pandemic stronger than ever before.



Saying hello!

Instead of a hug, have fun saying hello to your friends in a different way!


Juggling balance

Engage in this cross-lateral activity to stimulate brain function and
learning, and enhance focus and balance.

Students stand on one leg and raise the other to a 90-degree angle
with their knee bent. They then hold a scrunched-up ball of recycled
paper beside their hip, using the same hand as the side with the
raised leg.

Students throw the ball up into the air next to their raised leg and
move their other hand under their raised leg to catch the ball.

Swap legs and repeat.