Smooth start to Term 3

In the blink of an eye we are already counting down to Christmas. You may have heard me say that it felt like it took forever to reach the age of 15 and then one day I woke up and I’m staring 59 in the face. That our lives move at an ever-increasing speed has become a familiar observation, so it is more pertinent than ever to grasp the joy of life and follow the maxim of one of my colleagues (who ironically is a vegetarian) and “suck the marrow out of life”.

In that spirit, I just wanted to give some feedback about the story I related in my last InTouch message. I received a few letters, phone calls and texts about the article and queries about the outcome. Graeme and I did finally manage to catch up after a few false starts. We took lunch at Nunzio’s and dined on prosciutto with mascarpone and capers, zucchini flowers with ricotta filling and gnochetti with king prawns, Shark Bay squid and basil pesto sauce. It was a wonderful day and confirmed in my mind the two messages of the article, that is that teachers play a crucial role in the formation of young adults and acknowledging those who guide you should never be underestimated. That evening Graeme added one more string to my culture bow when he sent me the following message.

Dear Domenic, what a way to finish ‘the perfect lunch’! I enjoyed the day very much and it was nice to fill in the gaps of what has been a ‘very eventful life’. You should feel very proud of yourself. On the way home I was mulling over the day when one of the pivotal musical moments in my life (hearing Jessye Norman sing ‘The Last Four Songs’ for the first time) came on the ABC – the perfect ending to a perfect day. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness and generosity.  We didn’t manage to solve any of the world’s big problems but still, the realisation that ‘life is beautiful’ was still with us at the end of the day. Sincerest best wishes, Graeme.

Of course, a corollary to the importance of teachers is the absolute importance of parents. I wish to profoundly thank you all for your response to my ‘hair and grooming’ missive. At our end there have been a few missteps where one or two boys who previously had long hair were now judged to have too short a style after their haircut. Those well-intentioned missteps have been addressed and we will continue to monitor this aspect of our boys’ commitment at the beginning and in the middle of each term, working with you and your sons in order to educate, rather than coerce, their formation. Your ongoing support of the College is so valued and appreciated and I know you are assisting you sons’ development and understanding that life will not always be easy. The most uplifting element of Week 1 for me was that some of our most recalcitrant hair-growers have made a concerted effort to make a positive statement and have confided to me that they are experiencing a sense of pride in having done so. Even those in the last term of their time with us have shown it is never too late to take on board the attributes of the CBC gentleman.

I want to finish by highlighting a few events coming up in the next few weeks. The Catholic Arts Festival is on at the moment and our very own Owen Goodwin (Year 8) wrote the prayer that has been recited to commence every one of these events. Our Ensemble sang at St Mary’s Cathedral on Tuesday night and their performance brought tears to my eyes. Today the Guitar Ensemble is playing at the Don Russell Performing Arts Centre in Thornlie and on Wednesday 14 August the Jazz Orchestra will perform at Sacred Heart College. Details of the timetable and further events can be found on our Facebook page or download you can it here.

This term is Our Lady’s Term. Thursday the 15 August is the Solemnity of the Assumption, and all members of our community are warmly welcomed to attend Mass with the boys in Blessed Edmund Chapel. Sunday 8 September is the Nativity of Mary and our TRJ gentlemen are preparing a couple of events to honour women. I look forward to the details and the joy such effort brings to our mums.

Finally, Saturday 10 August at 6.00pm is our final Family Mass for 2019 at the Basilica. The evening commences with Vespers at 5.30pm, which you are very welcome to attend, then Father John Sebastian will celebrate the Mass at 6.00pm. Parishioners arriving between 5.30pm and 6.00pm are encouraged to take their seats and enjoy the prayers. Our last Family Mass saw a bumper congregation and was a great reflection of our oneness and Community. You will receive an invitation in the next few days and I look forward to seeing many of you on the night.

 Domenic Burgio